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  • Cookery Master Class

    at the Violin Factory

  • What We Did

    • Tailored the Violin Factory with its discreet address and contemporary design to form the ideal venue for this relaxed and intimate event.
    • Developed a “Master Class” style format to showcase new ingredients, products and cooking techniques.
    • Encouraged interaction between chefs and VIP guests who included food writers, celebrities and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
    • Worked in partnership with influential chef, and MasterChef winner, Lynton Tapp to develop a tapas-style tasting menu.
  • The JG Touch

    • Generated a warm, convivial atmosphere to allow chefs and high-profile guests to interact naturally; including providing feedback and opinion on new dishes
    • Went the extra mile to source amazing ingredients from quality suppliers all over the world.
    • Formed a successful partnership with an influential and inventive young chef