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Welcome to our Food Festival

30 March 2017, by Anne Aitken

Anne Aitken blogs about our new festival-inspired “Grab and Go” menu

Our food philosophy is simple. We make really tasty food that people want to eat again and again. We steer clear of gimmicks and stick to delicious, satisfying food made with the finest ingredients. Our new menu is no different – the quality is fabulous and it tastes fantastic - the difference is in the style and presentation

With the launch of the Jackson Gilmour Food Festival, we aim to bring the vibrancy, excitement and smells of a multicultural food festival to corporate events. This new menu of gorgeous gourmet street food hits all the right buttons with classic fast food, on-trend veggie dishes and fashionable Asian flavours.

From Blackened Cod (or Tofu) with crispy spiralised vegetables to Pulled Duck with Basmati Rice and Oriental Vegetables, Mac ‘n’ Cheese with crispy bacon and spicy jalapenos or Gourmet beef (or Quinoa) burgers, the dishes are ideal for guests who want appetising food which is tasty and satisfying.

The presentation is relaxed and contemporary with food temptingly displayed in a variety of eco-friendly containers including bamboo banana boats, takeaway-style cartons, colourful boxes and soft wrappers. It’s convenient too. Guests can pick up the food they choose from stations around the venue and then either take it with them onto the next station, or just keep going back for more.

Perhaps most important of all, our new Grab and Go menu is fun – making it perfect for less formal events with a more relaxed vibe.  It can be delivered as a complete “Food Festival” package or in combination with canapes, bowl food or more traditional food stations. We’ve also sourced complementary craft beers, wines and gourmet gins and vodkas to perfectly match these scrumptious dishes and complete the Food Festival atmosphere.

If you would like to know more about the full menu, pricing and presentation options drop me a line at or call us on +44 208 665 1855.